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We are a friendly team of Party Wall Surveyors and Property Consultants based covering all areas of Greater London Are you are a homeowner, builder or property developer that requires valid Party Wall notices to be served in a timely and cost efficient way?r.

Or perhaps an adjoining owners that is being affected by building works taking place next door.

Whatever your issue, please get in touch today and we will be more than happy to assist you.


We are proud to offer our expert services at such competative rates.

Dont be fooled into thinking that because our fees are low that our service must be inferior.

Our surveyors have almost thirty years experience in the design and surveying field of construction projects.

We have worked on projects ranging from simple kitchen extensions right through to new build housing estates.


In most instances we can carry out the required land registry searches, check your architectural plans to see which areas of your build fall within each section of the Act and prepare and serve valid notices on your affected neighbours within 1 working day.

We can generally carry out inspections within 5 working days and in cases whereby we are acting as agreed surveyor a whole award can be produced and issued within 7 days.


Our friendly staff are on always on hand to discuss any concerns you or your neighbour have and will assist in helping resolve any disputes quickly and amicably.

Once all parties are content for the proposed works to proceed we will prepare and issue the final award.


We operate on a FIXED PRICE basis.  We offer a full range of services relating to party wall matters for domestic residential properties in and around the Greater London area.


We have detailed below our fixed price party wall fees for the most popular services required by our clients.




Building Owner Surveyor



Party Wall Surveyors in London

Welcome to Party Wall Surveyors London, a trading name of Fixed Price Party Wall Limited who as our name may suggest offer dedicated Party Wall surveying services on a fixed rate basis.


This means no spiralling costs and allows you to navigate the complexities of the Party Wall act for a modest one off payment.


Our fees are not only fixed, they are also low.  We are proud to be among the most competitive providers of Party Wall Surveying Services in London.


Whether you have an house extension in Harrow that requires party wall notices or your neighbour is building a new home in Croydon we have surveyors ready and waiting to assist.

Some Of Our Recent Party Wall Cases in London

1) Party Wall Agreements whilst acting as Building Owners Surveyor in Greater London

With each of these projects we would of carried out an initial plan check using the clients Architects plans to ascertain which parts of the Party Wall Act were affected by the proposals and which Party Wall Notices need to be served for each.

Afterward land registry searches were made and valid Party Wall Notice(s) produced and served on each affected neighbour.

In all of these instances the adjoining owners dissented to the works and appointed their own Party Wall Surveyor.

We met the adjoining owners surveyor on site and carried out an inspection of the neighbouring property and produced a schedule of condition report to form part of the Party Wall Agreement.

12/06/2021:        Two Storey Rear Extension in Barking, East London

09/06/2021:        Single Storey Rear Extension & Loft Conversion in Leyton, East London

09/06/2021:        Single Storey Extension in Barnet, North East London

02/06/2021:       Single Storey Extension in Lewisham, South East London

Party Wall Agreements whilst acting as Adjoining Owner Surveyor in Greater London

With each of these projects the adjoining owner made contact with us.  Sometimes having received a notice from the building owner, but not always.

In two of these projects we were required to contact the building owner and advise them of their obligations under the act and in one instance construction works were halted so that a formal party wall agreement could be put in place.


05/05/2021:        Single Storey Rear Extension in Ruislip, West London

17/05/2021:        Loft Conversion Loughton, Essex

19/05/2021:        Loft Conversion, Kingston upon Thames, Surrey

19/05/2021:       Side Extension in New Malden, Surrey

Party Wall Awards Issued as an Agreed Surveyor in Greater London

14/05/2021         Loft Conversion in Grays, Essex

19/05/2021         Single Storey Extension in Clapham, South London

20/05/2021         Single Storey Extension in New Southgate, London

21/05/2021         Two Storey Extension, Isle of Dogs, East London

28/05/2021         Loft Conversion in Hornchurch, Essex

28/05/2021         Single Storey Extension in Barking & Dagenham

02/06/2021         Single Storey Extension in Walthamstow, East London

So What Is The Party Wall etc Act Anyway?

The Party Wall etc Act 1996 was put in please to provide a way of preventing or resolving disputes between neighbours for matters relating not only to party walls (this is a common mistake people make) – It also covers works carried out to boundary walls as well.


We will go into further detail about which works are notifiable under the Party Wall Act but first let us explain how it works – in a nutshell.


Anyone looking to carry out notifiable building work on, or close to a Party Wall or Adjoining owners property is required to serve valid notices on their neighbour advising of their intent to carry out the building work.


In the instance where the works proposed are directly into or onto the party wall itself then the person looking to carry out the works (referred to as a Building Owner under the act) must serve notice at least 2 months prior to the intended start date.


For all other works notifiable under the act, the Building Owner must serve notice 1 month prior to their intended start date.


Once their neighbour (referred to as an adjoining owner under the act) receives the notices they have several options available to them.


First of all, they can consent to the works thereby allowing work to commence forthwith with no further input from a Party Wall Surveyor necessary.


The next option available to them, is they may dissent to the works but concur in using the building owners surveyor as a way of keeping the BO costs down as much as possible.


The third option available to the Adjoining owner would be to dissent to the works and wish to appoint their own surveyor.


In either instance where the adjoining owner dissents to the works, The surveyor’s costs, under all normal circumstances, will be paid by the building owner, who will also be responsible for making good any damage that the proposed works may cause


Now that you have a basic understanding of the Party Wall etc. Act 1996, lets take a look at the notifiable works in more detail.

When Do I Need To Serve a Party Wall Notice

Anyone looking to cut out within, extend or demolish all are part of a party wall, or party fence wall would need to serve notice on any adjoining owners.


It is worth noting that all works requiring a party wall agreement are done so to are close to a party wall.


Perhaps the least understood, or overlooked section of the Party Wall Act is without doubt section 6 (adjacent excavations).


Under section 6 of the act anyone looking to excavate (which would be the overriding majority of house extensions in London) and excavating within 3m of an adjoining owners building (this includes outbuildings such as garages) would need to serve notice on their neighbours under section 6 of the act.


In summary, the list below details the most common notifiable works.  This is by no means conclusive and there will be instances where other works will require notification under the Party Wall etc. Act.


  • An extension or new building on or at the boundary of 2 properties


  • An extension or new building that requires foundations to be dug within 3m of a neighbouring house or outbuilding.


  • work to an existing party wall or party fence wall


  • building a new party fence wall on or at the boundary of two properties.


  • cutting into a party wall, for instance to insert steel beams for a loft conversion.


  • making a party wall taller, shorter or deeper, common in both loft conversions and basement conversions.


  • removing chimney breasts from a party wall.


  • knocking down and rebuilding a party wall.


  • digging below the foundation level of a neighbour’s property for any purpose.



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